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Case Study HR Service Company

Mid-sized HR services company needing to address employee engagement, motivation and stress issues.

Results after 1 year

  • 15 – 20% improvement in employee confidence levels.

  • Settled teams with greater openness and cohesion.

  • Increased personal freedom in dealing with critical client interactions. 

Solution modalities

  • Team workshops.

  • Personal coaching sessions

  • Journaling, feedback and reviews.


We helped

  • Co-think critically with clients.

  • Improve and sustain self-confidence.

  • Life balance tools and stress dissolution exercises.

  • Become free of past emotional issues affecting interaction with clients and colleagues.


Issues brought to us by the management/owner

  • Employees lack confidence and the ability to portray confidence when dealing with bigger clients.

  • Inability to look at the bigger picture, impacts, outcomes and the ability to be naturally curious and ask questions to uncover larger ideas and solutions.

  • How to challenge clients’ views and ideas and the ensuing discomfort in a respectful, engaging and meaningful way?

  • How to maintain one’s personal focus and balance while working through stressful work periods?

Analysis and Discovery

  • Lack of clarity in communicating with clients with crisscrossing delegation lines.

  • Emotional boundaries were compromised due to a culture of excess engagement with employees’ personal issues.

  • Client managers were overwhelmed by bigger clients and their demands.

  • Personal life balance was missing which increased work stress. 

Our Solutions

  • Critical thinking tools – engaging clients actively to manage expectations and delivering results. 

  • Holding a wider vision for oneself, while participating and co-creating the vision of the organization. 

  • Building self confidence through techniques of self- appreciation and strengthen the ability to integrate their performance and success within themselves.

  • Mindfulness exercises and life balance tools for releasing accumulated stress.

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