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Northwestern Intersections

Isabelle Nüssli interviewed 100 chairpersons and CEOs to uncover the source of tension that is often built at the top of the corporate pyramid. In this episode more about: three conscious and five critical unconscious drivers of turmoil.


CEO - Chairperson Relationship

Podcast on the CEO-Chairperson Relationship and Overcoming the Drivers of Conflict.


Author Hour

Podcast on Cockfighting.

All too often, the relationships between chairpersons and CEOs are filled with tension that affects the entire organization.


Build Holistic Success

Build Holistic Success – through Emotional Resilience.

We are affected by life events and emotions all the time… Learn more in Rajesh’s video.


The Correlation of Emotions and Decisions.

Emotions are part of every interaction that we have in a day. Learn more about emotions and the process of decision making in this video with Rajesh.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Leveraging Language for Leadership Impact and Team Effectiveness.

 by Sahar Schwaninger

Through the inherent energy and the history of collective intelligence, memories and potential they carry, words are pivotal allies of leadership. One of the great powers of words is that of breathing into our intentions the very shape of the aspirations we yearn to create thus giving it form. The words we use, literally ...

Remote Learning



This pandemic has changed the way we travel, meet, interact, socially connect with each other, and essentially the way we learn. Though remote learning has increased multifold in the past years, there is a sudden surge necessitated by the present crisis.  What were simple group activities have become complex ones with cautiousness and social distancing, while WFH and online interactions have become the preferred way of working and learning together.  Is this the new normal or just an interregnum?


Impact of Self-Leadership on Success in the Business World

50 percent of employees throughout the world leave their jobs to get away from their bosses. Only 10-15 percent of employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.


Time for Reflection.

In The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, nurse Bronnie Ware asked people on their deathbeds about their five biggest regrets.


8 Tips for Working with CEOs and Chairpersons.

The highest levels of leadership positions have been and still are overwhelmingly held by the firstborns in families.


Role Clarity or Power Play?

Power is a big underlying issue in business relationships - whether leaders admit it or not.

Relationships that lack role clarity are often forced to rely on persistent power games that negatively influence job satisfaction, performance, commitment, and retention.


Conscious and Unconscious Drivers of Conflict

We live in a fast and changing world, and the workplace is no different. The stress in the office environment is often compounded by the conflicts and power plays created by leaders within a company.


Breaking the Business Addiction.

Parents and teachers rarely commend kids for doing nothing, so most of us were trained from an early age to stay busy.


In the Media


The Intensifiers of Conflict

The roles of CEO and chairperson are often filled with strong personalities who are motivated to compete for distinction. When conflict happens at the highest level of leadership in the corporate environment, everyone loses.


Beyond Corporate Governance

Understand and Manage the Three Hidden Key Drivers to Help Prevent Derailment in Business

Conflict. Scandal. Derailment. These are the last words you want to hear as a shareholder, board member, or CEO of any organization, especially if you expected corporate governance to prevent these crisis.


But the business world is volatile and complex. As human, we are volatile and complex. The mechanisms of corporate governance alone are not enough to insure us—or our business—against inevitable change and challenges.


Beyond Corporate Governance shows you why the processes you rely on are a flawed safety net, and how you can learn to navigate change, no matter the ambiguities or uncertainties you face. This guidebook is a constant companion for any leader who wants to unpack their full potential and for owners, boards, CEOs, and recruiters to understand what true leaders are made of. This book gives you tools to identify the red flags and hidden dynamics of organizational and personal derailment to push beyond the concept of corporate governance as your best-and only- solution.


Things change, and they change quickly. Learn what you can do to help future-proof your business and sleep better at night.

Author: Isabelle Nüssli


Cockfighting: Solving the Mystery of Unconscious Sabotage at the top of the Corporate Pyramid

What is Cockfighting ? All too often, the relationships between chairpersons and CEOs are filled with tension, affecting organizations as a whole. Drawing on studies in business, law, and psychology, as well as interviews with more than seventy chairpersons and CEOs, Cockfighting uncovers the roots behind these complex interactions. To create a more productive atmosphere, senior leaders need to identify the source of their issues and build a new bond based on trust and respect. Cockfighting offers insights into how the conscious and unconscious drivers of conflict and their intensifiers such as role models, role clarity, family structures, and birth order can cause antagonism. It also provides invaluable tools for increasing self-awareness and facilitating collaboration to improve the working atmosphere, and ultimately the organization's performance.

Author: Isabelle Nüssli

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