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The Quadruple Bottom Line

The Quadruple Bottom Line: People - Prosperity - Planet - Me

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  • Get ahead of the curve by anticipating and understanding your key stakeholders’ needs and actions

  • Discover and attain your big wants by breaking through deeply embedded unproductive assumptions

  • Gain a unique, holistic, and integrated understanding of stakeholders’ dynamics and interdependencies

  • Reframe your concept of ‘being in control’ and learn to flow

  • Focus on your impact and not just on the grind, to intrinsically realize that it is / you are good (enough)

  • Integrate your successes and experiences to be happy and fulfilled rather than constantly run and tick off the boxes

  • Embrace change/innovation while staying balanced

Get into the Driver Seat - Shift the Way You Lead

Struggling with change? 

Ride the waves of change!

 Stuck in power-games? 

Get out and address conflicts successfully!

Feel a lack of trust in your organization? 

Gain clarity & knowhow to foster trust!

Emotionally stressed or feeling unsatisfied? 

Find your inner balance & flow!

Learn to:

Set your goals in alignment with your personal and professional purpose

Enhance your ability to trust yourself and others

Navigate uncertainties and (self) doubts and boost your self confidence to become emotionally resilient

Master relationships with others while understanding, resolving and preventing conflicts and power struggles

Identify and resolve the underlying drivers that control your decisions and behaviors.

Structure your thoughts applying the QBL-framework© and learn to lead across the map

A virtual global program designed and run by leading experts

Format: live-online: discussions, lectures, self-exercises and reflections

Created and run by seasoned business leaders, scientists, and coaches of the Responsible Leadership Institute

Duration: 6 modules over 6 weeks, 2-3 hours each + homework

Costs: 6 modules + individual and group coachings starting at 2’490.- CHF

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