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Case Study of Scale Up Company

Result after 1 year: increase in employee satisfaction (25%), retention rate (25%), sales (20%), customer satisfaction (15%)

Solution Approaches

We encouraged

  • discussion on definition of ‘owner strategy’ by shareholders 

  • and facilitated a workshop on definition of company’s vision, mission & values

  • discussion and definition of company’s strategy by the BoD and management

We helped

  • boost personal development

  • define and align goals and milestones

  • set up the right organizational structure

  • clarify roles & responsibilities

  • discuss and agree on rules of collaboration & communication



  • We were asked to provide leadership coaching to boost leadership skills of founder/CEO


  • Employee engagement level was low, fluctuation was very high. Goal: optimize both

  • CEO wanted to be better heard and understood by BoD and workforce and find the right balance between micromanagement and giving too much freedom

  • Pressure levels from all sides were high. Goal: better be able to deal with pressure

Analysis & Discovery 

  • Missing owner strategy and, consequently, clear company strategy 

  • Opposing forces as a consequence: fight for internal resources (focus on fast growth and boosting sales vs. customer satisfaction and investment in R&D

  • No time to set up basic governance system: no time to tie the shoelaces for the sprint

  • Lack of clarity of roles & responsibilities

  • Communication gap between senders and receivers

  • Room for improvement in leadership skills: EQ, patience, handle pressure & emotions

Our Solutions

  • Encouraged and facilitated discussion on definition of clear owner strategy: exit soon vs later vs. organic growth  Who: shareholders (moderation of 1 workshop)

  • Encouraged and facilitated definition of company’s vision, mission and value  Who: BoD and management (moderation of 1 workshop)

  • Moderated discussion and definition of company’s strategy (aligned with owner strategy) to align      goals and milestones  Who: BoD & management (1 workshop)

  • Helped define the right structure  Who: BoD and management (1 workshop)

  • Supported clarification of roles & responsibilities 🡪 Who: management (1 workshop)

  • Helped discuss/agree on rules of collaboration & comm. 🡪 who: management (1 workshop)

  • Worked with CEO & management members on leadership skills & personal development, to: 

    • encourage inspiration and engagement of workforce,

    • increase level of awareness

    • better be heard/understood

    • deal with pressure

    • understand fellow members, their strengths & weaknesses

    • master emotions; increase focus and energy; strengthen resilience

  • Work with entire team on becoming ‘one team’

  • Help company get fit for further growth and scale-up

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