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Our Shared Story

An entrepreneur and business leader turned coach and author; a life transformation expert who spent more than a decade as a spiritual monk; and a climate scientist specializing in asset management and education. Meet the Responsible Leadership Institute Team! Our wide and varied backgrounds and experiences prepared us to envision a space where (in)credible and responsible leaders come together to build purpose and success for one and all.

The story of building this platform is a journey that started with a vision – a vision to create a space for learning to happen in a holistic manner; to develop agile and effective leaders with strong awareness and resilience; to enable these leaders to perform at their highest level, while generating a positive and rewarding impact in their professional and personal lives.

Building Potential


Being Ready

Getting it Done

This vision has become reality!  

Bringing diverse yet like-minded individuals together and enabling them to tap into their full potential, we run an inclusive online/offline platform consisting of conferences, workshops, community building, coaching and consulting to create, share and develop knowledge and skills.

Isabelle Nüssli

Almost vertical - this is how Isabelle describes her learning curve in the past decade. It started with personal experiences, which, as a young business leader at the helm of an international company, were diverse. They involved leading through the heights but also through change and crisis. Aside from business and market related matters, many challenges could be traced to drivers of human behavior and organizational dynamics.  ...

Rajesh Ramani

My first brush with leadership was in organizing social development projects as a monk. The complexities involved in managing meager resources and guiding people towards a vision were quite

overwhelming. Having neither the communication skills nor the knowledge and experience to develop strategies, it was a steep learning curve for me.  ...

Simon Berger

We all share the same finite resources. And still, we're consuming it as there is no tomorrow. In "The tragedy of the commons," H. Garret [Sciences, 1968] describes the mechanisms of the depletion of shared resources when individuals maximize their benefits. The article is based on a pamphlet by Lloyd from 1833.  ...

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