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Our Coaches and Experts


Rajesh Ramani

Your Mentor & Coach

Rajesh Ramani is an internationally sought-after mentor, teacher and workshop facilitator. 

Over the past two decades, he has run leadership, mindfulness, relationship and emotional resilience conferences, workshops and spiritual retreats in more than 18 countries for a wide range of clients including corporations, governmental organizations and individuals. 

Rajesh brings a holistic approach to his coaching sessions, with an emphasis on finding pragmatic solutions that focus on arriving at insights and realizations that result in a sustainable transformation. 

Rajesh converts profound spiritual and life principles into practical tools of transformation. His approach is influenced by his study and practice of eastern philosophy and mindfulness for 13 years while embracing a monastic life at the Oneness University, India. Over the decades, he has successfully integrated these learnings into the corporate world, working with professionals at all levels of management. 

Rajesh is an Ontological Coach registered with the International Coach Federation and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce; Grad. CWA from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Focus areas

  • Understanding and translating the dynamics of mind and emotions. 

  • Identifying, managing and dissolving stress – its symptoms, factors and sources. 

  • Building resilience in personal and professional life

  • Facilitating processes of self-awareness that bring transformative shifts in perceptions and emotions.

  • Mentoring to open one’s potential through realizing optimal performance and right life balance.

  • Breaking down complex truths into easily applicable principles and tools in everyday life. 

  • Working with Relationships and Family dynamics.


  • Embracing Changes and Crisis situations – recentre yourself for action

  • Stress Management – identify and resolve acute/chronic stress

  • Right Life Balance – build empowering attention and activities

  • Relationships – bring right perception and emotional intelligence in your personal and professional life

  • Habits – letting go of unhealthy ones and building new ones


Isabelle Nüssli

Your Leadership Coach & 'Coachsultant'

As an international senior executive, Isabelle Nüssli has lived it. Throughout her career, Isabelle’s entrepreneurial mindset, strategic focus, and cross-cultural communication have connected her with a broad range of complex challenges in international business. Experiences involved leading through change and crisis management, not only based on business and market related challenges but also on dynamics that could be traced back to basic drivers of human behavior and organizational structures. 

With this diversified experience, Isabelle brings personal insights and strategic vision to her practice as a leadership and personal coach. She works in leadership, innovation, business strategy and governance. Specifically, she supports boards, executives and start-ups/scale-ups in mastering transformations, developing strong organizational dynamics at the human level, and capitalizing on their full potential.


She is the author of two #1 Amazon bestseller business books:

  1. Cockfighting: Solving the Mystery of Unconscious Sabotage at the Top of the Corporate Pyramid

  2. Beyond Corporate Governance: Understand & Manage the Three Hidden Key Drivers to Help Prevent Derailment in Business

Isabelle has held senior management positions in Switzerland and abroad. E.g. she was chairperson of NUSSLI Group, Switzerland, a leading international provider of infrastructures for Olympics, World Expos, etc. She serves on national and international academic and business boards and committees. 

Isabelle earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and executive masters of European and international business law from University of St.Gallen and in consulting and coaching for change from INSEAD. She currently pursues a part-time PhD in business at the University of Zurich. Focus: leadership (skills) in times of challenges and crisis.

Tailored for board members, executives, entrepreneurs

  • Initiate and manage change and transformation

  • Navigate challenges and crisis

  • Improve dealing with high degree of pressure and uncertainty

  • Leverage level of (self-)awareness

  • Increase focus and energy

  • Learn how to transform formative experience (e.g. setback) into winning assets; strengthen resilience

  • Assessment and training of yourself and your team members

  • Let yourself be 'shadowed' in meetings and provided with feedback on your professional conduct

  • Quick checks on strategy, structure, and business model with focus on people (key to execution)

Add-on for female leaders

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Tap the potential to thrive (not just survive) in business

  • Specific leadership competencies

Add-on for start-ups and scale-ups

  • Prevent and/or overcome #3 reason for start-up failure: team issues

  • Build a high-performance team

  • Recruit an effective board

  • Get ready for fundraising and successful negotiation with investors

Add-on for family businesses

  • Understand and manage family dynamics in family businesses

  • Plan and implement a successful succession plan


  • Significant progress within 2 months, quantum leap within 6 months (trust me!)


Olivia Mathijsen

Your Leadership Coach

Olivia Mathijsen is a seasoned, international leadership coach and people consultant who has a consolidated expertise in supporting business leaders to develop their own potential to catalyze optimal, sustainable performance — for themselves, their teams, and their companies. Olivia has over 30 years professional experience with international responsibilities as a strategy consultant, an executive search consultant, a people business partner.

Olivia holds an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD (France), a Master in International Management from SDA Bocconi (Italy), and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bryn Mawr College (US). She serves on the Board of the INSEAD Alumni Association Italy, is a member of the International Coaching Federation, and of the Professional Women’s Network. In addition, she is a mentor to several mentees on a pro-bono basis.

On a personal note, Olivia is married and has three sons.


  • Workshop. Understanding the meaning of trust, the components of trust and the role of trust in our decision making is critical to our success as a leader. There are various behaviors that can build trust, knowing which ones they are is the premise to the next step which is applying these behaviors to the organization. The question then becomes "what behaviors are the right ones for each of my key stakeholders?”

  • Executive Coaching One on One. Olivia works with professionals and supports them to find their own way to reach their next challenge to impact their performance, reputation, teams and organization. A systemic pragmatic approach designed for experimentation and stakeholder feedback to maximize long term benefits.


Simon Berger

Your Consultant

Simon Berger is a seasoned leader and strategist with an extensive track record in leading digital and knowledge-based transformations of companies, NGOs, international organizations, and governmental entities. 


His dedication to excellence in strategic - responsible leadership originates in his unique educational background and extensive international career in conflict and post-conflict countries and territories. For over a decade, he led multilateral, nation- wide information management and emergency assistance programs to establish and enable the rule of law in highly challenging and ever-changing environments.

Needing to balance his career with parenting responsibilities, he moved from this fast-track to a corporate development position at an energy company, establishing Corporate Social Responsibility as a core strategic element, before assuming the chief strategist’s role.


In later positions, as chief strategist and as the leader of the infrastructure divisions development and training organization of the national railway company, he continuously expanded his professional and personal competencies in leading human-focused transformations. 

Dedicated to the strategic management of knowledge, he assumed leadership of a community-based knowledge management program to prevent the loss of essential knowledge.


Simon Berger holds Master Degree in International Business Law, Earth Sciences / Climate Sciences, and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. 

Areas of competence

  • strategic - responsible leadership

  • human-centred transformation of organizations

  • learning and development focused information and knowledge management

  • asset management & asset information management

  • leading in the digital age

  • responsible strategies

  • sustainability & corporate social responsibility



  • Information and knowledge management tools and strategies

  • Sustainability and CSR strategies

  • Assisting Organizational transformation

  • Asset management strategies

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