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Leader-Shift Excellence Program

Emerge as the New Leader

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  • Get ahead of the curve by anticipating and understanding your key stakeholders’ needs and actions

  • Discover and attain your big wants by breaking through deeply embedded unproductive assumptions

  • Gain a unique, holistic and integrated understanding of stakeholders’ dynamics and interdependencies

  • Reframe your concept of ‘being in control’ and learn to flow

  • Focus on your impact and not just on the grind, to intrinsically realize that it is / you are good (enough)

  • Integrate your successes and experiences to be happy and fulfilled rather than constantly run and tick off the boxes

  • Embrace change and innovation while staying balanced

Get into the Driver Seat - Shift the Way You Lead

  • Struggling with change? 

  • Ride the waves of change!

  •  Stuck in power-games? 

  • Get out and address conflicts successfully!

  • Feel a lack of trust in your organization? 

  • Gain clarity and know-how to foster trust!

  • Emotionally stressed or feeling unsatisfied? 

  • Find your inner balance and flow!

Learn to:

  • Set your goals in alignment with your personal and professional purpose

  • Enhance your ability to trust yourself and others

  • Navigate uncertainties & (self) doubts and boost your self confidence to become emotionally resilient

  • Master relationships by understanding and preventing/resolving conflicts and power plays

  • Identify and resolve underlying drivers that control your decisions and behaviours.

  • Structure your thoughts, apply the QBL-framework©, learn to lead across the map

6 Modules That Will Change your Life

Understanding Power Dynamics
and Resolving Conflicts

Module 1

Initiating and Managing Change

Module 2

Building Trust to Boost
Engagement and Productivity

Module 3

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions *

* additional costs apply.

Overcoming Immunity to Internal Change

Module 4

Defining and Achieving the Personal Happiness Quotient

Module 5

The Making of the New Leader - Integrating Insights and Learnings

Module 6

A Virtual Program Designed and Run by Experienced Experts

A virtual global program designed and run by leading experts

  • Format: live-online: discussions, lectures, self-exercises and one-to-one coaching sessions

A virtual global program designed and run by leading experts

  • Created/ Run by: the Responsible Leadership Institute team

A virtual global program designed and run by leading experts

  • Duration: 6 modules over 6 weeks,

  • 4-6 hours time commitment per week (2-3 hours live-online engagement)

A virtual global program designed and run by leading experts

  • Costs: CHF 2’490.-

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